Volume 2

Only the first two issues of Volume 2 of the Fantasist have been published, but each story published by the Fantasist remains free to read at their links below, and each of them is for sale as an e-book. Additionally, for one week starting at an issue’s launch, all e-books in our store will go on sale for $1. Despite the sale, authors will make the same percentage of each e-book sale as they would at the usual price of $1.99. For the next quarter, 20% of all e-book sales will go to the Flint Water Fund. Please, spend a little, and show some support if you can!

December 21, 2017: Issue 5
Raising the Sea-Drowned by E. Saxey
The Frozen Sea Takes Everything I Love by Meryl Stenhouse
Lures by Jane Sand

March 15, 2018: Issue 6
Manuela by Bethany van Sterling
O Fortuna by D. Llywelyn Jones
Subtleties O’ th’ Isle by Ray Bossert

Issue 8 will be our Steampunk! theme issue, guest edited by Megan O’Keefe. We are no longer accepting submissions for this issue.