Issue 5

December 21, 2017: Issue 5
Raising the Sea-Drowned by E. Saxey
The Frozen Sea Takes Everything I Love by Meryl Stenhouse
Lures by Jane Sand

Plus an Editor’s Note by Chief Editor Will Waller

This marks the end of The Fantasist’s first year. Since Issue 1, we’ve doubled payment, begun selling e-books, and become very nearly self-sustaining thanks to our Patreon. Over the next year, we hope to finally launch the Millennial, we will be producing podcast versions of the novellas, and Megan O’Keefe will guest edit our Steampunk theme issue, Issue 8. With luck, we’ll be able to Kickstart a print edition of Volume 1, which will include Issues 1-4.

Volume 1 of the Fantasist is made up of the first four issues. Each story remains free to read at their links below, and each of them is for sale as an e-book, excluding Haris Durrani’s Technologies of the Self which is for sale in print and as an e-book at its original publisher Brain Mill Press. Volume 1 of the Fantasist will soon be available collected as a single e-book at the sale price of $20.00. We hope to Kickstart a print edition later this year. Each author receives 10% of their own sales. Additionally, we donate 20% of our own proceeds from e-book sales to United for Puerto Rico.

Volume 2 begins with this, Issue 5, and three novellas about survival, shaky resolve, making peace with compromise, monsters, and water. Water is dangerous, but it beckons nonetheless. Like money in politics, autumn rains fill every crack of the pavement. Winter comes; that water freezes, thaws, and freezes again. The cracks are potholes by spring, and we spend all summer driving past roadwork. Sometimes, life is just hard. This year has been, is, will still be. If recent decisions by Congress, the courts, and the FCC are any indication, next year will be too. It’s important to find ways to keep from getting pulled under and whisked away by the undertow. These stories aren’t exactly cheerful, but they display the kind of severe determination to continue living forward, even when, while you do, grief and hardship are constantly eroding a little bit of that life away. If you don’t get sucked into a whirlpool, or stuck in a storm, there’s some sort of solution on the other side of things… we hope.

This latest round of submissions was by far our biggest. As always, we owe special thanks to Bernard Foyuth who helps with everything from reading submissions to proofing manuscripts, but we were also fortunate to have several excellent new first readers: Mariah Jarvis and Charlie Allison. We are, however, always looking for more! The Fantasist will be opening for a special one-day submission period on January 1st for NaNoWriMo projects that turned out to be novellas rather than novels – it happens all the time – and a little while after that for another special submission period. Those interested should check out our Staff Application and fill one out.

With that, please enjoy Issue 5!

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