Issue 7

An Editor’s Note by Managing Editor Will Waller:
Right, so, some of you may have noticed that this issue is late. Scheduled to go live on the third Thursday of June, Issue 7 is, instead, going live on the third Thursday of July. Logistics first – We had already announced our plan to shift our publication schedule one month forward starting with Issue 9, but circumstances forced us to do so sooner. Therefore, our Steampunk Theme Issue – Issue 8 – will go live on the third Thursday of October, rather than September, Issue 9 the third Thursday of January, and so on. Now, the reason! Truth be told, this issue took a little more time to prepare than others. Some of this is due to the novel it includes, but mostly it’s due to the fact that our offices – and home – developed some new and exciting structural issues during the heart of the stormy season, and much of our time in June was split between bouts of AC-less death sweats and others spent standing tired, holding buckets and bowls over our electronics while it rained indoors. These trials were oddly reminiscent of an earlier time in this magazine’s history, when The Fantasist was just an idea Evan and I had while we were still working on another literary journal in the Bay Area. We were moving in and out of a skeezy Mission motel which I will not name because I want the people who live there to be able to keep living there. A confluence of events beginning with a cracked bathtub in the floor above us led to a whole lot of sparking and a little fire from cable box fixed to the wall. This was not quite that bad, but some of the work that had gone into this issue was lost and had to be redone. However, we are now please and ready to share with you Issue 7, all of whose authors are international women, and their stories are fun and engaging. Did I mention there’s a novel? Please pardon our lateness, and enjoy Issue 7 of The Fantasist Magazine:

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