Volume 1

Volume 1 of the Fantasist is made up of the first four issues. Each story remains free to read at their links below, and each of them is for sale as an e-book, excluding Haris Durrani’s Technologies of the Self which is for sale in print and as an e-book at its original publisher Brain Mill Press. Volume 1 of the Fantasist will soon be available collected as a single e-book at the sale price of $20.00. We hope to Kickstart a print edition later this year. Author’s receive 10% of their own sales.

Additionally, although it isn’t much, for the time being we will be donating 20% of the proceeds from e-book sales to United for Puerto Rico. These donations will come from our own profits, and 10% of each sale will continue to go to the author.

The Issue 1 Editor’s Note by Will Waller – December 15, 2016
Suradanna and the Sea by Rebecca Fraimow
Woolfy and Scrapo by Rebecca Lloyd
Weeks Without Rain by Amalia Gladhart

The Issue 2 Editor’s Note by Evan Adams – March 16, 2017
The Rat People (Novel Excerpt) by Rochelle Spencer
The Checkpoint by Elana Gomel
The Trial of Black Panther by Harmony Neal

The Issue 3 Editor’s Note by Will Waller – June 15, 2017
Hack n’ Slash #999 by Carla Dash
Sun and Moon by Deborah Davitt
Three Short Stories by Foz Meadows
And Technologies of the Self by Haris Durrani, guest editor for Issue 4, the Special Space Opera Theme Issue.

The Issue 4 Editor’s Note by Evan Adams – September 21, 2017
Juggling a Hot Haga-fruit by Jim Reader
The Whisper by Julia Rancourt
The Price of Memory by Sally McBride